Engagement Booster

Make your website more interactive,

Welcome your visitor to have a great experience.

👋🏻 Hey there "Check This Out"

CTO message allows displaying a customized message to people who visit your website. 

  • Welcome your visitor with your own greeting, or display an appropriate message that fits your intention.
  • Remind people with abandoned carts, cool new product videos, the latest sale promotions, and so on!

👋🏻 Customer, you're here again! 

80% of customers buy more if they provide personalized experience.

  • First-time visitors, birthday visitors, and various conditions can be combined to expose marketing messages.
  • Use text, Instagram feeds, and YouTube videos as messages.

👏🏻 Display Contents

Display all of your content in one place.

  • Share useful information like FAQ, Chat support.
  • Show recent updates from the official Instagram, or Youtube channel.
  • Encourage visitors to easily sign up for membership.
  • Expose sale & seasonal promotion events.
  • Show product reviews that you want share with visitors.

There are so many great ways to share your contents with us.

💌 Multi-square

Operate dedicated buttons and dedicated content for the purpose of the page

  • You can create custom buttons and squares for each page
  • Perfect for our own mall managers with multiple brands!
    Decorate the square by page, such as product introduction, price, and inquiry.


Build Relationship

Don't let visitors just pass by. 

Ask them how they are doing today, suggest sign up with membership benefit.

Introduce new product, latest updates to your visitors, ask they need anything, say thank you when they check out using CTO message.

Support & Care

Great customer service is key to your success. 

Connect your chat support and show FAQ so your customer doesn't have to look all over the place.

Easily create your own posting about important announcement, place them where all the visitor can easily see.

Dashboard & Reports

Wondering how your customer react with CTO message?

What contents are popular?
How many people are visiting your website? and Who are they?

Find out those information at the Dashboard and Report menu.

Contents in one place

Have an official Instagram and Youtube channel? 

Display your latest contents in one place.

Show new arrivals, sale product, good reviews everything that you don't want your customers miss out about your product / online store.